Christina Schuetz

Spirituality & Peace

Meet Christina Schuetz

Christina Schuetz is an author, speaker, and Christ-follower with a love for supporting women. As a former high school English and speech teacher, Christina is now using her gifts of communication, loving others, and celebrating life to share her story of loss while showing the power of love in the midst of sorrow. Christina has a passion for helping people find light in the darkest moments of their lives, advocating for those who grieve, and educating society on how to best support and respond to grief. Her love for words and relationships drives her to share the story of her worst nightmare come true and what it means to cling to hope in a devastatingly broken world.

Disclaimer: Please note, Christina’s talk may cause difficult triggers including child loss, anxiety, medical trauma, depression, and suicidal thoughts. If you or someone you know is suffering with any of these issues, please contact a support person immediately.