Kearsten Manoulian


Meet Kearsten Manoulian

Kearsten Manoulian holds a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction and currently works as a middle school science teacher. Kearsten has taken her love of science beyond the classroom and expanded her love for teaching by becoming a certified yoga instructor. To integrate these skills even further, she is currently pursuing the Whole Life Healing Coach Certification, as well as, studying to be an Emotional Freedom Technique Coach. The focus of her studies has ranged from that of our genes and what affects them (the science of Epigenetics) to neuroscience, human biology, nutrition, spirituality and energy psychology. Understanding the relationship between our mind and body is a central theme for the work, while helping others see the mind/body connection in themselves.

As a teacher, yoga instructor and coach, Kearsten brings an introspective approach to help others cultivate joy and emotional freedom. She weaves her passion for neuroscience, spirituality and energy psychology into all that she does offering an abundant blend of gifts for every life she touches. Kearsten looks forward to sharing her knowledge and tools to unlock that which is no longer serving us, during her talk on Relationships at The Be Event.

Kearsten happily lives in Lake Orion with her two incredible children. As a family, they love the adventure of travel and the outdoors.