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The BE Event is designed to help us build up a community of women supporting women. Giving: your time, your talents, and yes, your money, are just some of the ways we can build each other up while building our community as well. Let’s focus on how we can give in meaningful ways that fill us up and support us all.
Rebecca Dallman
Rebecca Dalman 
Rebecca is very excited to be speaking at the Be Event alongside her sisters, Sabrina and Anja. She has attended the Be Event for many years, and is excited to speak on behalf of the Giving section.
Rebecca received her BFA in Music Theatre from Central Michigan University. She moved to New York City where she auditioned for theatre and music jobs while working “survival jobs”. She landed a job working for Oceania Cruises as a lead vocalist. This career took her to 50 countries and she was able to meet people from all over the world. After a year, Rebecca decided that it was time to follow another passion- helping people. She was accepted into Western Michigan University’s Counseling program and received her MA two years later. Rebecca works at Parmelee and Associates in Grand Haven as a masters limited psychologist in addition to being on the panel at Mosaic Counseling where she’s able to provide counseling in area schools for students who wouldn’t be able to afford counseling otherwise.
She, like her sisters, has worn many career “hats” and believes that you can learn something from every job you have.
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Sabrina Hochhuth

Sabrina is honored to be speaking at the BE Event about her journey navigating careers and carving her own path.
During 2020, otherwise known as the pandemic year, Sabrina landed her first job as a kindergarten teacher. Although teaching during the pandemic quickly burnt her out. Sabrina knew that there was a path for her that would both fulfill her and help people to live their fullest lives. Sabrina then made the giant leap to invest in herself and get certified as a Life Coach, Reiki instructor and a Hypnotherapist.

After a year of solo traveling to Costa Rica, Arizona and Utah for in person trainings, Sabrina landed her second teaching job that lights her up. She is now teaching Elementary Theatre while also taking clients in her business. Sabrina is excited to be speaking with her sisters on navigating change and pursuing your dreams.

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Anja Strandberg 

Anja is honored to be speaking at the Be Event with her sisters.
Anja completed her bachelor’s in science from Grand Valley State University as well as an associate in business from Muskegon Community College. Through college, Anja took on many different side-gigs. Whether it was waitressing, substitute teaching, or office cleaning, Anja always felt the need to stay busy. This was until Anja had her beautiful daughter, Magdalena, when she began the busiest job yet – motherhood. Through motherhood, Anja still felt the need to work while being with her daughter. So, she launched Get Thrifted, an online clothing subscription company where all clothes were second-hand and personalized to the buyer. While Anja loved running Get Thrifted, the need for consistency became evident. Anja began working in transitional foster care in 2023 where she helps youth who flee their home country be reunified with family in the United States. While she is still not sure who she wants to be “when she grows up”, she feels that life is one big networking ploy. The people we meet in our careers (customers, employees, supervisors, etc.) are certain to play a part in our lives again and it is important to build a lasting impression.
She is excited to be at the Be Event as a working mom and someone who is just getting her feet wet.
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