We all want to do better in areas of our lives, however we strive so deeply for perfection and balance (which we don’t think exist) that we get caught in a constant feeling of falling short. We compare our insides to other peoples outsides, and some of us compare net worth to self worth even.  We feel that we could do better at gently taking our own inventory, creating realistic and measurable goals and supporting our sisters while being supported back as we strive to “Be Better.”

Time To Grow

This Conference is for you IF: You make mistakes. You want to “Be” better. You lie. You want a better butt. You want to connect. You hate your job. You have a dream. You have a secret. You want to be still. You think you’re not enough. You are a rockstar. You are ashamed. You want to make a difference. You want to save money. You want to show more love. You want to start a business. You want to meditate. You want to inspire others. You want to add value. You want more. You want to be a sister.  

Time To Help

You will be giving to other women simply by showing up. A portion of your ticket price will go to community needs and women in need, women who may not be able to afford to come on their own. There is no additional giving, come to fill up.

Time To Be

We are too hurried, too scurried and simply overwhelmed. This event is a time for learning from some of the most interesting women I have ever met. It’s a time to be intentional about the 2019 year, creating goals, letting go of that which does not serve you and connecting at a heart center level with an energy of women who deeply want to BE—better, not perfect.


The BE Event Details

November 2020 – Spring Lake, Michigan

Tickets available soon


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