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Comparison is second nature. But my health is not your health, and your wellness is not my wellness. The BE Event believes we can do better at supporting ourselves and supporting others in creating intentional, meaningful health and wellness goals founded not on comparison, but on what’s right and real just for you. 
Dr. Tabatha Barber, Health & Wellness
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Ten years ago I spoke to 100 women in an intimate room over lunch. We laughed, we cried, we got real with ourselves, and we rallied together around the idea that women could support each other and lift up one another and that would make us better. I’m honored to be back for the 10th Anniversary to share what I have learned from caring for thousands of women and suffering my own health challenges. When we share our stories we gain insight, create connections and create a more beautiful future. I can’t wait!

Dr. Tabatha Barber has dedicated her life to giving women a voice and a choice when it comes to their health and well-being. Overcoming struggles as a young girl, including self-esteem challenges and the hurdles of being a high school dropout and teenage mother, she emerged as a successful physician through faith and perseverance.

Her unwavering commitment to women’s health is evident through her triple board certifications in obstetrics and gynecology, menopause, and functional medicine. As the driving force behind her thriving medical practice, Dr. Tabatha and her team provide compassionate support and care to women nationwide.

Through The Gutsy Gynecologist TM Show, her Gutsy Gyn
supplement line, and her book Fast to Faith, she shares insights into the importance of gut health, hormone balance, mindset, and most importantly, nourishing the soul to truly heal and become whole. She is a beacon of light in a sea of medical darkness.

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