This is so the year to begin again.

In the beginning of the pandemic, I stopped planning. I released control and made the decision that I was done with any more than what was happening in the next 24 hours.

I committed to myself that when things got unreasonably rumbly I would: stop, breathe and commit to just the next hour and then the next and then the next until sleep came and a new day happened.

It was difficult to relinquish the control that I thought I had in the first place but never did. Once I understood that there was very little I could do about the fact that there was no more school for my children or even a job for myself, I shifted the space of understanding everything that WAS available to me.

I found peace there. I started asking myself “What can I do?” instead of being angry about what I couldn’t do. It has made all the difference in my ability to maintain my sanity. This will not be the year of big victory, but it can still be the year of small wins if you let it.