This year I tried to grow a garden. There is something so amazing about the idea of a seed becoming something that we can actually put in our bodies to nourish us.

I ordered organic soil, I tilled and mulched and planted, and then with deep amazement very little grew. Gardening is hard, this year is hard.

We have been planting so many things that are just not coming up. I planted a spring break to Miami, the city with the largest COVID outbreak at the time when we were supposed to get on a plane. I planted a trip to see my cousin. I planted the seed that I return to Canada every Christmas which seems unlikely to grow even though it has for 41 years, year after year.

We pulled up the garden. I had fun, but I pretty much failed, then my 10-year-old came in with this little guy and proved to me that sometimes things that we plant can be lost or forgotten and it doesn’t mean that they aren’t still there, growing, just under the soil waiting to emerge. Plant anyway.